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Trust is a Currency You Can’t Afford to Lose

Almost daily, we hear another report of an influential individual misusing their power to sexually harass or assault others, or a large fast-food chain ordered to pay millions of dollars for ignoring young employees who are being sexually harassed. You think, “That’s awful! How did they get away with it for so long?” or “In today’s world? I can’t believe they were just ignored.”

Workplace sexual misconduct occurs far too often in our society, but problematic behavior doesn’t just happen. When an organization fails to prioritize professional conduct and lacks the competence to handle allegations swiftly and sensitively, loss of trust is imminent. Customer loyalty that took years to build can rapidly dissolve. 

Independent Expertise

Why use an outside group like Redirect?

Perhaps you’ve worked with a security company investigating fraud or have a dedicated DEI Officer on staff. Do they possess the specialized training in psychological trauma and offending behavior needed to conduct an investigation concerning sexual misconduct?

At Redirect, we offer a distinctive solution. We combine forensic psychology with professional investigation by integrating the science of trauma and offending behavior, providing a unique approach to prevent and rapidly respond to allegations of sexual misconduct. With a proven track record in handling thousands of instances, our team brings unparalleled insights into the nuanced dynamics surrounding these sensitive issues.

Choosing Redirect as your ally signifies a transformative step for your organization. It goes beyond conventional approaches, indicating your commitment to professionalism, workplace safety, and client trust. 


Uncompromising Quality

Our Consulting Services

Our commitment is to empower businesses, HR and legal professionals, and practitioners in fostering a safe and respectful environment.

Business Owners

 Navigate sensitive workplace challenges with better-informed decisions with Redirect.

HR and Legal Professionals

Redirect provides objective, specialized services for unraveling the complexities of sexual misconduct to help you safeguard your company.


Redirect reduces risk in your practice by strengthening your ability to ensure client comfort and safety.


“I have never been so impressed with a company! The Rapid Response
team is fast-acting, unbiased, clear in their communication, sincere to all
parties involved, sensitive in uncomfortable situations and/or comments
made, and overall direct in their approach.”

— Director of Operations

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