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Workplace Sexual Discrimination Training & Prevention

Sexual discrimination in the workplace comes in many different forms, but in most cases it involves an applicant or employee who is treated unfavorably because of their gender or sexual orientation.
Workplace sexual discrimination has far-reaching effects on employees in the workplace, especially for women. Redirect investigates allegations of sexual discrimination using an approach that is scientific, trauma-informed, and objective.
Do you know what to say to a customer or employee when they report discrimination, harassment, or abuse?
Do you know what to say to the alleged perpetrator?

What standard will you use to make a decision about whether to retain or discharge your employee?

Why Sexual Discrimination Prevention Training?

Some say a reckoning is coming. The #metoo movement is not slowing down and sexual discrimination allegations in the workplace are rising. Claims of an unsafe or hostile workplace can lead to lawsuits, executive firings, employee protests, or walkouts. Aggrieved customers, through social media, can target companies that do not respond appropriately, threatening scandal or even the company’s viability.

However, we see this environment as an opportunity. Organizations that put the right systems in place can give employees the freedom to speak up, create a safe work environment, and earn the trust of their staff and customers.

Imagine your employees saying:

  • I love working here
  • I feel safe working here
  • I feel supported by my company
  • I can tell my story to someone who understands

Imagine your managers saying:

  • I have the confidence to handle crisis situations
  • I have a well documented, behavior-based report to inform my decision-making
  • My team trusts me to be fair
  • I am working with a partner in this process I can trust


What kind of sexual misconduct cases do you investigate?

Sexual misconduct and discrimination investigations are rooted in the code of conduct, so the types of misconduct are dependent on the standards set by your organization. Much of our investigation work centers on sexual harassment and gender discriminatory behavior.

What industries do you serve?

  • Massage & Spa – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct by massage therapists, aestheticians, and other professionals in the massage and spa setting. 
  • Restaurant & Hospitality – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct, harassment, and other code of conduct violations in the restaurant, tavern, and hotel industries. 
  • In-Home Service Providers – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct by in-home service providers, such as repair professionals, pet sitters, and senior care professionals. 
  • Rideshare Providers – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct by rideshare drivers. 
  • Chiropractic – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct by chiropractors and other chiropractic staff. 
  • Physicians & Healthcare – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff. 
  • Dental & Oral Care – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct by dentists, dental assistants, and other oral care staff. 
  • Education – We investigate incidents of alleged misconduct in educational settings. 

Can you help us write our own sexual discrimination and misconduct policy?

Addressing the problem of sexual misconduct starts with having a framework that clearly defines what “misconduct” means in the context of your business or organization. Sexual descrimination takes many shapes. Redirect helps companies design and implement a code of conduct that clearly addresses the behavior standards of employees. This allows managers to better enforce the standards and act with confidence.

From Our Clients

“As a manager, no matter how hard you try, there is always a personal feeling involved when it’s your team that makes it impossible to stay unbiased.”

From Our Clients

“Everything went well. Redirect even provided a translator. I like the process being in someone else’s hands to help make the decision.”

From Our Clients

“If I get a complaint about someone who is billing 40 hours a week, am I really not going to think to myself, ‘I don’t want to lose this person?’ Probably not. And using Redirect, it is completely unbiased.”

Preventing sexual misconduct in the workplace requires a scientific, trauma-informed, and objective approach combined with the right plan.

What’s Your Plan?

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If your organization is serious about addressing and preventing sexual misconduct, Redirect can help.